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Below are free Ohio real estate practice exam questions that will closely resemble your licensing exam. Review these questions and see what you know! The answers are provided beneath the question set.

1. The licensees who work in Brett Foster’s Ohio brokerage have decided to form a team called “Brett’s Brokers.” When they advertise, which of the following must they include?

  1. The broker/brokerage name
  2. The contact information for each team member.
  3. The names of all licensed team members
  4. The names of all team members shown in photos

2. Seller Ahmed wants to waive some of the duties his Ohio real estate agent owes him. How can he do this?

  1. "Ahmed and the agent must make the Waiver of Duties statement part of their agency agreement.
  2. Ahmed and the agent must make the Waiver of Duties statement part of the purchase contract.
  3. Ahmed must tell his agent at some point during their relationship.
  4. Ahmed must tell his agent at the beginning of their relationship.

3. What type of ownership interest does an Ohio real estate licensee need to disclose in writing to all parties?

  1. Only property held directly by the licensee
  2. Only property held directly or indirectly by the licensee
  3. Only property held directly or indirectly by the licensee or by the licensee’s immediate family member
  4. Property held directly or indirectly by the licensee, the licensee’s immediate family member, the licensee’s firm, or a member of the licensee’s firm

4. Spencer is an Ohio licensee. In which of these situations has he violated his duty to NOT disclose confidential information?

  1. Spencer disclosed confidential information about the seller after being subpoenaed by a court.
  2. Spencer disclosed that the seller would be willing to take less than list price when negotiating an offer with a buyer.
  3. Spencer disclosed the presence of lead-based paint on the property even though his client instructed him not to.
  4. Spencer disclosed the seller’s motivation for moving after receiving written permission from the seller to do so.

5. Which of these scenarios is legal in Ohio?

  1. A chair officer of the Fayette Elks Club refuses to rent the club’s lodgings to non-members.
  2. A homeowner makes a room available for rent in her residence, and advertises that she is looking for a white widow born in the U.S.
  3. A new licensee avoids showing homes in specific neighborhoods to her clients because she doesn’t think they would fit in.
  4. A property manager asks a potential tenant about her ancestry and national origin.

6. Which of these is NOT a way an Ohio agency relationship can be legally terminated?

  1. The broker dies.
  2. The buyer client dies.
  3. The client files for bankruptcy.
  4. The salesperson dies.

7. Who determines whether an Ohio complaint should proceed to a formal hearing?

  1. Administrative law judge
  2. Hearing examiner
  3. Real estate commission
  4. Superintendent of real estate

8. " Who’s required to take 10 hours of post-license education during their first year after getting an initial Ohio real estate license?"

  1. Brokers
  2. Management level licensees
  3. Managing partners
  4. Salespeople
Answers: 1. A, 2. A, 3. D, 4. B, 5. A, 6. D, 7. D, 8. A


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